Red Lobster's Shrimp Palm Tree Recipe

Red Lobster's Shrimp Palm Tree Recipe

Serving Size: 20

10 pounds pre-cooked shrimp - (41/50 size)
2 boxes lobster picks or fancy plastic toothpicks
12 whole pineapples
1 wide-base flower pot (or plastic bucket) with a flat bottom, filled with concrete, with a 4 ft. pliable copper pole in the middle
1 quart cocktail sauce
2 tablecloths or beach towels to wrap around base
10 palm fronds - (to 20) or plastic palm fronds (available at most craft stores)

Cooking Directions:

Cut the top and bottom off the pineapples, then take a sharpening steel (used to sharpen knives) to pierce a hole lengthwise through the pineapples.
Put the pineapples on the coper pole; turn the pineapples so they fit snugly together.
Put a piece of shrimp on a lobster pick (fancy plastic toothpick) and place it at the top of the tree (do not push the toothpicks all the way in; they should be easy to remove).
Continue doing this in a spiral pattern until you reach the bottom of the tree.
Start the second row of shrimp just below the first and continue until you reach the bottom of the tree.
Stick the palm fronds in the top of the tree.

This recipe yields 20 servings.

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